Children often see miraculous results from chiropractic care due to their fast growing, developing, and healing bodies.  Here are some examples.

My two daughter (ages 8 and 11) have battled eczema since birth, and no oral nor topical medications seemed to alleviate the situation.  We were sent to dermatologists and an allergist, to no avail.  Their diets were constantly adjusted and they had to avoid many of the pleasures of life (childhood experiences like swimming, eating fresh citrus on a hot summer day, not being able to be outside at dawn or dusk because of not being able to tolerate insect repellents on the skin) due to their skin troubles.  They were introduced to chiropractic when they accompanied me one day for one of my own visits.  The doctor listened to my concerns about their skin ailments and asked if he could perform a treatment on them.  He set up a treatment plan for them after the initial visit.  Within two or three adjustments, their skin resembled that of a newborn!  I could not believe that a few visits for spinal manipulation would heal them, and heal them so quickly!  We thank God that we found chiropractic and we continue to make our regular visits.  We encourage anyone we meet along the way to begin chiropractic, especially for good overall health.

-Lisa D.

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“Tony” is legally blind.  I’ve noticed how his been holding his head up.  Interested in what going around him.  I want to bring “Tony” for chiropractic care so his coordination can get better and so he can feel more confident on what he does.  I’ve also noticed he tries to focus on things.  Thank you for being patient with him.

-Gloria H.

(Note:  “Tony’s” name has been changed.  When he started care, he was 14 years old and had been diagnosed with severe autism.  He was very withdrawn, but as care continued, he interacted more with those around him.  His teachers noticed a difference as well)

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