There are times when a person originally comes into a chiropractic office with a friend or family member.  After seeing and hearing what happens, they are curious how healthy their spine is.  They may not have felt bad or had symptoms before, but they realize that they feel much better after starting care.  Other people visited a chiropractor originally for another complaint, but as they went through a course of care, they began to see improvements in their health that was not expected.  Here are some examples:

Actually, my son-in-law told me about your special on the spinal exam.  I knew my lower back was needing some help (for years) but just did not realize the difference of the hips.  And we don’t see some of the changes in our posture. 

I want to stay as fit as possible and keep my body in alignment.

I still have to watch the way I do my yard work, but I love it and hope to keep on doing it.

I would encourage anyone to have chiropractic care.

-Alice B.

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I came bringing my husband because of his back, but after seeing my x-rays; I seen that I might could use chiropractic care too!  I think it has helped my sinus problems and also my posture.

-Melody S.

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Well I got hurt one my job at work.  My daughter has a teenager hurt his back and she recommend Artho Chiropractic care.  So here I am.  My experience has been good getting well sooner than what I expect.  Feeling better day by day.  I highly recommend Artho Chiropractic.

-Pedro O.

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I’ve always tried to take care of myself, by eating right and exercising, but with chiropractic care I’ve found out that it stop aches and pains that I thought came from age.  I can push myself in my exercising without feeling any real bad pain.  I see myself staying under chiropractic care for the rest of my life.  I would suggest to everybody to chiropractic care.

-Gloria H.

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I just didn’t feel like doing the things that I really enjoyed do.  I have loved to work in the garden.  When I moved into town, I had a big yard and I started trying to improve it.  I had started a new flower bed and began to not feel like getting out to work.  At this time I think I have felt more capable of doing some of the work outside this year than I did last year. 

-Patty A.

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Since I have been coming to the chiropractor I feel like a new person.  I really was a little skeptical at first.  I feel so much better I have more energy and I’m glad to have such wonderful Christian Friends.

-Kay B.

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I had been living in constant pain every day for 2 years.  It has helped me to be a better person.  I am happy and pain free, I can walk all day and my body does not ache. 

Look and see what it has done for me.  Check it out and see what it can do for you.

-Stephen D.

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I first heard of Dr. Artho from my younger sister and brother-in-law.  When I first came I was recovering from Aneurysm repair surgery. I was having balance issues due to fluid accumulation in my brain.  After my first 2 visits, I noticed a very noticeable improvement in my balance issues.  I have continued my adjustments because I feel my overall health has improved.  I would recommend Dr. Artho without any hesitation.

-Theresa L.

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I was sent here by my daughter-in-law because she saw how much pain I was in.  I was in so much pain I even needed help getting on and off my vehicle.  But through therapy I am able to function so much better.  I am able to sleep, have more energy and a better quality of life that I didn’t even know existed.  The pain I came in here for has disappeared and all the other pain that I had learned to live with have also disappeared.  I am so grateful to the doctor for his wonderful therapy that has healed my body with NO pills and medicine.  And I also extent the all around service that in his healing I well be forever grateful.

-Juanita R.

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