Auto accidents, work injuries, or accidents or injuries at home are often a reason someone will seek chiropractic care for relief from the injury.  With chiropractic adjustments, bodies are able to heal from the injury and people see wonderful results.  Here are some examples:

I suffer from physical trauma due to accidents involving automobiles, and other forms of transportation.  That along with generally poor posture led to much acute pain – often for prolonged periods of time.

Almost immediately, I saw noted relief.

After a few weeks, I felt less pain and my joint discomfort was greatly reduced.

Now a few months later, I can see a huge difference from where I was to where I am now.  The Artho Clinic has been very good throughout the entire process.

-Roy P.

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Well I got hurt one my job at work.  My daughter has a teenager hurt his back and she recommend Artho Chiropractic care.  So here I am.  My experience has been good getting well sooner than what I expect.  Feeling better day by day.  I highly recommend Artho Chiropractic.

-Pedro O.

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